Our history

In my veins flow generations of lavender growers. Far from marketing and prefabricated I had the heart and the duty to share this knowledge.

The nostalgia of these memories spent alongside my grandfather “Lou Félix” in the fields of lavender in full blooming, his hours of work shared with the family, the memory of the nights to distill the lavender, its perfume, the beautiful sunsets on the plateau of valensole, the colors of all these flowers, this photo of lavender-blue ocean nuanced with purple color, embellished by the yellow of the sunflowers and the red of the poppies. All this is impregnated forever in my mind.

This emblematic, aromatic and magical plant of Haute-Provence, full of history and pride of our heritage, through this exposition I would like to share. ”

Alain Sauvat

Lavender harvesting and distillation at Valensole